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After A Crash


Can I continue to use my child seat after it has been involved in a crash?


If your restraint has been involved in a severe crash, you should destroy the restraint even if no damage is obvious. Some insurance companies offer vehicle insurance which covers or partially covers the replacement of your child restraint. Contact your insurance company for further details. Your insurance company may require you to keep the child restraint for assessment, but do not use the child restraint after a severe crash. We consider a "severe crash" as being one where the main body structure of the vehicle is distorted. To assist you in making an accident insurance claim cut the following statement and include it with your claim. 




All Britax Safe-n-Sound child restraints are manufactured to Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS1754-2013 which require us to advise users of child restraints to "Destroy the entire restraint if it has been in use in a severe crash, even if no damage is obvious". The joint Australian/New Zealand Standards committee CS/85, advise that this statement applies whether a child was in the child restraint or not. A severe crash, we consider as being one where the main body structure of the vehicle is distorted. There is no method of determining if the restraint has been damaged and we concur with the Australian/New Zealand Standards in recommending destruction of the child restraint. This notice is to advise you of the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards and our obligation in complying with the standards. Please assist the owner of this restraint in their claim.

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What Britax Safe-n-Sound products are a part of the Crash Exchange Program?


Our voluntary Crash Exchange program covers all Britax Safe-n-Sound child restraints under 1o years of age from the manufactured date. Click here for further details and to apply.


Does registering my car seat guarantee that I'll be able to apply for Car Crash Exchange?


Product registration not only provides you with an extended warranty, however, your details and receipt also remain in our system if you lose your receipt and require it in the future. Crash exchange is a voluntary program and does not always guarantee a replacement car seat in the event of an accident. Each accident is dealt with as a case by case claim.