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Crash Exchange Program

You may think it won’t happen to you. After all, what are the chances? But what if it does? What if you’re involved in a crash?

Rest assured - if you’ve purchased a Britax Safe-n-Sound Child Restraint and you have been involved in a crash you may be eligible for a suitable replacement.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Crash Exchange Program is a voluntary program designed to ensure our children are safe and any seats that have been involved in a severe crash are taken out of the market. For peace of mind – look for this logo.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with an application.


Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand the below Terms and Conditions of the Britax Safe-n-Sound Crash Exchange Program before applying for exchange/replacement of your child restraint.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Crash Exchange Program is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents who have purchased a Britax Safe-n-Sound child restraint in Australia or New Zealand on or after March 1st, 2008.

  • This voluntary exchange program is being conducted at the sole discretion of Britax Childcare Pty Ltd Australia/NZ and does not represent or suggest that every request will result in exchange.
  • Upon review of the crash circumstances and documentation, Britax will determine if an exchange is warranted based on the program criteria.
  • Restraints are eligible for exchange if they have been involved in a severe crash in Australia or New Zealand and meet all stated criteria. (A severe crash, we consider as being one where the main body structure of the vehicle is distorted).
  • The Britax Safe-n-Sound child restraints that are available for exchange include all Convertible Restraints, Forward-Facing Restraints, Convertible Booster Seats and some Infant Restraints*. *Baby Safety Capsules are not eligible for exchange. The Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG Booster Seat is eligible. Other Booster seats, Booster Cushions and child harnesses) are not eligible for exchange. Infant restraints used for commercial use or hire are not eligible for exchange.
  • Restraints manufactured by other manufacturers or by Britax sister companies in other countries are not eligible for exchange. Only restraints manufactured by Britax Childcare Pty Ltd Australia (i.e. Britax Safe-n-Sound) are eligible for exchange.
  • Original purchase of restraint must be made on or after March 1st, 2008 and original proof of purchase must be retained as evidence. Receipts obtained from second-hand purchase of restraint do not apply.
  • All required documentation must first be submitted via email in order for successful exchange to occur. This is at the expense of the consumer. This documentation includes:
  1. Clear photograph/s of vehicle after road crash;
  2. Clear photograph/s of crashed child restraint;
  3. Name, address and contact details;
  4. Detailed description of crash;
  5. Copy of vehicle repairers detailed assessment;
  6. Official Police Report and;
  7. Photos of restraint details (serial number and manufacturing date).

Please also include the completed Crash Exchange application form (available from the Britax website –

Applications that include all of the above documentation must be sent to: [email protected] (Australian applicants) and [email protected] (New Zealand applicants).

  • Completed applications must be received by Britax within 28 days of the road crash in order to be eligible for the Crash Exchange Program. The date of the crash will be deemed as the date stated on the Police Report. Applications received after this period will not be considered.
  • The crashed restraint will then be required for testing and evaluation and must be available for return to Britax Childcare Pty Ltd. This request will be made after receiving all of the above documentation. Britax will cover all postage expenses incurred for the return of the crashed restraint.
  • If an exchange is successful and meets all above criteria, a replacement child restraint will be issued within 28 days of receiving documentation as well as crashed restraint. A suitable replacement will consist of a restraint of similar value and features to the crashed restraint. The choice of replacement will be made by Britax and is not negotiable. All postage expenses incurred for issuing replacement will be covered by Britax and be carried out through our regular dispatch methods.
  • Replacement restraint will be sent via mail. Britax is therefore not responsible for any lost, misdirected or damaged goods.
  • The Britax Safe-n-Sound Crash Exchange Program is not to be used in addition to making an insurance claim. Some insurance companies offer car insurance which covers or partially covers the replacement of a child restraint. Contact your relevant insurance company for further details. The insurance company may require that a crashed restraint be held on to for assessment purposes, which must be considered if applying for the Britax Safe-n-Sound Crash Exchange. If an insurance payout is sought and/or issued for a replacement child restraint, the restraint is not eligible for this program.
  • All submitted documentation remains the property of Britax Australia Pty Ltd, and consent is given to use submitted photos and testimonials for marketing purposes.

Disclaimer: This program for crashed child restraint exchange is voluntary. This Crash Exchange Program involves no financial reimbursement or other offer other than a replacement of an equivalent child restraint. Britax Childcare Australia/NZ reserves the right to change, alter, amend or cancel any guidelines or the entire program at any time for any reason at our sole discretion without prior notice or obligation.

For any further enquiries please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 303 330.


Application Form - Download PDF

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