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Australia's Only

Britax's exclusive safety technology

At Britax we make parents more confident and kids more comfortable. We use our expertise in innovation and design to create car seats that are unique, providing superior protection for your children for their entire journey. Explore our b-only exclusive range and discover how we make safe even safer.

Unity ISOFIX Baby Capsule (0 – 1 year approx.)


Did you know? Most pregnancies last 40 weeks. A baby born before the 37th week is considered as a premature or pre-term baby and most likely they will be a low-birth-weight baby. In Australia, almost 1 in every 10 babies is born prematurely (1).

IDEAL FOR LOW BIRTH WEIGHT. The Unity ISOFIX is the only tested and approved Baby Capsule suitable for low birth weight and premature infant without restrictive medical conditions. Multiple position shoulder harness and crotch straps for use with low birth weight and premature infants without restrictive medical conditions.

EXTRA PROTECTION. Unity ISOFIX features EPS foam and high side walls for maximum side impact protection.

B-First Convertible Car Seat (0 – 4 years approx.)


Did you know? 1 out of 4 car seats are installed correctly (2)? And even so, 96% of people, believe they have done it right? (3) Simply think the number of times that people would want to use their child restraint in a friend’s or parents' car. A car seat will more than likely be reinstalled in vehicles up to 2-3 times in the first 12 months. In order to reduce installation mistakes, Britax came across a much easiest solution.

CLICKTIGHT SYSTEM. It’s a fast, easy and secure installation system with just a few simple steps. It brings a unique patented technology to Australia, designed to provide effortless and secure installation, every time.

ADVANCED SICT. Our Advanced Side Impact Cushion Technology is a deployable safety innovation with crumple zone technology. It offers safety and flexibility. Dealing with crash energy earlier, the unique design combines advanced safety and freedom of space.

PROTECTIVE CLOSED SHELL DESIGN. Stylish closed shell design. Includes Ventilation Zones in the rear interior and exterior of the child seat are designed for better airflow. Increasing comfort on every journey.

Kid Guard Booster Seat (4 – 10 years approx.)


Did you know? Even though a 7 year old can legally use an adult seat belt in Australia, keeping your child restrained up until 10 years old helps keeps them safe in the car. The seat belt and side impact protection in vehicles are designed for short adults approximately 145cm tall and less than 2% of 7-year-olds have reached this height (4). This is why the majority of children should stay in a booster seat up to 10 years old. If they move into an adult seat too early they are 3.5 times more likely to sustain serious injury in a car crash (5).

SAFETY FOR LONGER. Our Kid Guard Booster seat is the only booster of its kind which is designed, tested and approved using a 10 years old dummy. Britax goes above and beyond from the Australian Standards.

GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD. It accommodates your growing child with expandable lower side wings for the torso, an extendable seat base and an adjustable headrest with an Active Head Restraint (AHR) to protect the head.

SECUREGUARD EVERY TIME. SecureGuard™ makes the Kid Guard Booster seat even safer with a 4th attachment point to the adult seat belt which helps keep the lap belt in an ideal position across the pelvic bones. This reduces abdominal injury to your child in a frontal collision


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