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Top things a parent can still do even with baby

The arrival of a new baby is a huge lifestyle change. Between feeding schedules, nap routines, diaper catastrophes and sleepless nights, you might feel like your life will never be the same.

But entering parenthood doesn’t mean you need to kiss goodbye to all your favourite pre-baby hobbies and activities. With some planning and a flexible mindset, it’s possible to smoothly integrate your child into your social life.

Shopping/Going Out and About

Taking your baby out and about might seem daunting, given that there’s so much more to consider: restocking the diaper bag, dressing bub inappropriate clothing for the weather, making sure it’s during an optimal time in the sleep/feed/play routine… But getting out of the house can be a sanity-saver for many parents and babies.

Even on the most hectic of sleep-deprived days, a simple walk around the block can restore your mood and stimulate your baby’s senses.

The Britax Flexx is the perfect stroller for running errands, shopping or just walking to the local café for a much-needed flat white. It’s a lightweight stroller at 9kg, with exceptional steering, 11 handle height positions and 12kg of storage for holding everyone’s essentials and any purchases picked up throughout the day.

The reversible top seat gives you the option of letting bub face you for comfort, or look out into the world for stimulation and exploration, and is fully adjustable to four reclining positions for whatever angle suits your baby the best.


Exercise is important for optimal physical and mental health, especially for new parents. Incorporate a quick workout into your routine by doing lunges or squats during a stroller walk, or pick up the pace and do some power-walking around the local park.

While the Britax Flexx isn’t technically a jogging or running stroller, its four-wheel suspension guarantees a smooth ride for the baby during any off-road adventures.

Use a hand strap as a precaution while exercising, make sure bub is always strapped incorrectly, and always put the easy step one-link brake on whenever you stop for more than a moment.

A boot cover and a rain cover are included with the Britax Flexx, so you’re prepared for any shifting weather right from the start.


If road trips or weekend jet-setting were staples of your old life, rest assured that travel is still very doable with an infant in tow. 

Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity ISOFIX features Thermo5® fabric with bamboo charcoal delivers the premium comfort your baby deserves during car trips of any length. The simple push-button harness adjuster makes for quick and easy security, so you can spend less time fiddling with straps and more time planning your next adventure.

Not only do baby capsules guarantee safety in the car, but they also let you conveniently carry your baby so you don’t need to transfer them in and out of the seat - perfect for when bub is taking an extra-long nap and you don’t want to wake them during a rest stop.

With capsules, always remember to strap bub in the correct way, check on them often, and don’t leave them for extended periods of time.

Catching up with friends

Catching up with your besties over some delicious entrees doesn’t need to be a distant memory. The Matisse Hi-Lo high chair is perfect for including your little one at the dinner table.

Its compact storage is perfect for travel, and the removable second tray makes for easy clean-up when baby starts learning how to feed themselves.

The Matisse is adjustable to five different heights and three seating positions, to grow with your child over the many months and feeding milestones.

Even though a new baby is a life-changing experience, you can still enjoy many of the things you did before your bundle of joy arrived.