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What Is A Pram Travel System?

With a pram travel system you can connect your infant carrier to your stroller quickly and easily to enjoy getting out and about with your baby.

When you first come home from hospital with your new baby, leaving the house can be a daunting task. Organising both yourself and your newborn can take time and, depending on where you want to go, you may need both a car seat and a stroller. Pram travel systems are a fantastic option for transporting your baby with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience.

How do pram travel systems work?                                                            
A pram travel system is typically made up of an infant carrier, compatible stroller and carrier base. The infant carrier can be easily moved between the stroller and the base, which is fitted to your car, allowing you to move your baby from the car to the stroller and anywhere in between without having to remove your baby from the carrier.

The beauty of pram travel systems is that you don’t have to wake your baby every time you get them out of the car or stroller. When you return home from a drive or walk, if your child is asleep you can easily disconnect the infant carrier seat and bring your child inside.

Rear facing vs forward facing strollers?
Research shows that the more time you interact with your child face to face, the closer and stronger your bond will be. Traditional strollers face your baby forward, and while a view of the world can be fascinating, it can also be emotionally isolating. Pram travel systems are designed so that your baby is facing you, building upon that already precious connection you have together.

How to choose the right pram travel system?
When selecting a pram travel system you should take into account your lifestyle, what type of infant carrier suits your car and what type of stroller is compatible. Many pram travel systems also offer a range of accessories some of which you may consider essential, such as shade canopies and second seats for your older child. So it is best to be aware of the accessories available before choosing your pram travel system.

There are a number of pram travel system options in the Safe-n-Sound, Steelcraft and BOB range. To discover which Safe-n-Sound, Steelcraft or BOB travel system best suits your needs take a look at our infant carrier compatibility chart.