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The Best Apps For New Dads

Back in the day, dads new and old might head to the pub to talk over the travails of relationships (i.e. “The Missus”) and about the new obligations fatherhood might bring. Fortunately, these days, there are a range of online solutions that make the fatherhood journey a lot easier. These options include Britax’s own Safety Squad website, which gives loads of helpful advice on child safety devices and uses.

There’s so many options available for dads out there, that it pays to be strategic about it. So, let’s break down the app world and look at how various platforms cater to the different stages of your parent journey.

Pregnancy, labour and birth

While mum both glows and struggles with the bundle she’s carrying, it can be a little hard for expectant dads to know where to put themselves. A few apps can help with getting educated enough to be a useful partner.

Who’s Your Daddy? Is a male-friendly, sometimes tongue-in-cheek view of pre-dad life. The tone is less earnest than some guides can be; the approach to parenting is flipped a little here to give a more irreverent and less scary introduction to the pregnancy journey. To top it all off, dealing with all the ups and downs of your new life is covered here with a lively writing style and humour.

Contraction Timer is another super easy and clear way to check if things are ramping up in the journey. The app runs an interactive graphic that allows you to time each contraction for duration and the lengths in-between.

When the baby arrives

So, the newest addition to the family is here and you’re finally a dad.

Now what?

You’re probably going to be hanging on your new one’s every breath. Apps like Baby Monitor and Alarm will give you a sense of connection even when your little one is fast asleep and you’re doing the washing up.

This parent-designed platform alerts you when your baby wakes. But, it can be programmed to switch on to yours or mum’s pre-recorded dulcet tones or baby’s favourite tune, to help them wake-up more gently. You can also set a lullaby to help fall asleep.

Before you know it, though, your little one will be taking over the house and even speaking. Getting some space in this time can be difficult. Apps like Epic! will help you keep the little one occupied when other things require your attention.This app accesses a range of well-known stories, tried and tested on kids over the years, which are told with voice narratives and compelling graphics.

If you’re leaving your phone in reach of bub’s tiny hands, then you might need to think about something like The Toddler Lock. This app allows access to fun stuff like pics and videos, but locks off any editing or deleting functions. It also walls up all other stuff like your keypad or contacts list so that your little one can’t call your boss.

And then there’s the crawling and walking stages—how do you keep an eye on your mini-me when they’re constantly on the move?

The Life360 app puts every registered family member on a screen map, so you know where everyone is at any time. You can also set up a closed contact group, so you can call each family member and check up.

Looking after your relationship

And finally, it can be easy to forget you have a relationship with your new little one’s mum too. So, don’t forget to consider any number of couple-focused apps.

From restaurant bookers to movie downloads, from mood trackers to enhancing your love life, there’s all kinds of electronic possibilities to help keep your relationship bubbling.

Bottom line: don’t panic, help is out there—just enjoy the ride.

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