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How to keep your bub safe in summer

What’s not to love about summer! Long warm days, trips to the beach, daily guilt-free ice creams (or is that just me?!) However, it’s not quite so carefree for those of us with young bubs. When you have a newborn or young baby in summer, there’s a lot more planning that goes into your days. You can’t simply spend hit the beach with a towel and a tube of sunscreen anymore!

Babies are more susceptible to extreme temperatures so it’s vital that we make sure they’re out of the sun, well hydrated and kept cool during the hot summer days. Here are some tips to making sure summer is fun and relaxing for you and bub!

Keep them safe in the sun

Babies’ skin is so smooth and delicate which makes it much more prone to burning than adult skin. It’s also not advisable to use sunscreen on children under six months of age as their skin is so sensitive. So we need to find other ways of protecting bub's skin during the hot Australian summer. It's important to keep them in the shade, dress them in light fabrics that cover their skin as well as a good hat.

Of course, you still need to get out and about during summer. The Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition Stroller has an extended canopy to provide better protection from the sun. It also comes with a shade cover to ensure bub is protected from harmful rays.

Going on a road trip this summer? Don’t forget about the hot sun that can shine through the car window. These window shades cling to the rear windows, ensuring bub is protected from the sun while not hindering your driving visibility.

Keep them cool on those hot days

It’s so important that babies are well hydrated on those hot summer days. Sometimes they might need to be offered extra breast or bottle feeds and babies over six months can sip cool boiled water. Don’t forget your own hydration too! Keep water handy so you don’t get dehydrated, particularly if you’re breastfeeding.

If you’re out and about on a hot summer day, a good breeze can do wonders to keep a baby cool, which is why the mesh sections in the canopies on both the Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition Stroller and the Britax Flexx Stroller are so important. Open them up to ensure bub is getting enough ventilation to keep them cool.

Another thing to consider is the fabric of the car seat or pram. Fabrics that aren’t natural or breathable can often contribute to increasing a baby’s discomfort on a hot day. Our newest car seats and strollers are made using Thermo5® fabric. This knitted, bamboo fabric has been developed to provide airflow and wick moisture away. The fabric is soft and smooth on bub’s skin so they’re perfectly comfortable, even on the hottest of summer days.

Keep them protected from summer storms

Summer isn’t just about sun and fun. Those crazy summer storms seem to blow in from nowhere, catching many of us unprepared. Who hasn’t done the dash from the beach, towels above our heads like makeshift umbrellas?!

Luckily, it’s easier to protect bub from one of these summer downpours. Both the Britax Flexx Stroller and Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition Stroller come with a rain cover, ensuring bub stays dry when the weather suddenly changes. Just make sure you don’t forget to properly strap them into their harness before you do the dash.

Keep them protected in the car

While none of us want to think about it, sometimes babies and children do get forgotten in car seats and it’s particularly dangerous on hot summer days. The temperature inside a parked car can be up to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. The smaller the child, the more at risk they are. Unfortunately, this time of year is a huge period of risk. We are often out of routine so sometimes parents forget they're doing the daycare drop off or have taken a child with them to the shops. They get out of the car and go on their way without checking who is in the back. It’s so important to get in the habit of doing a look before you lock to make sure your car is empty before you go anywhere.

While summer isn’t as carefree as it used to be, with everyone relaxed and on holiday, it’s a magical time with your new little bub. Thanks to a bit of preparation, it’ll be a season to remember for all the right reasons!