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How to Choose Whether to Buy or Hire a Baby Capsule

Many people opt to hire baby capsules rather than purchase a brand new one. With reasonable rental prices, baby capsule hire can be a more cost-effective option but there are potential pitfalls that need to be avoided to ensure you do not compromise the safety and security of your baby.

The following guide provides practical information and tips you should consider when choosing between purchasing and hiring a baby capsule.

Tip 1 - Do your research

Investigating the history of the baby capsule is important when considering whether to hire a baby capsule. You should never hire a capsule that has been involved in a car accident or is more than ten years old. You should also inspect the seat thoroughly for any wear and tear, particularly looking for cracks, fractures in the shell or fraying of straps.

Tip 2 – Be aware of safety standards

Regardless of whether choosing to buy or hire a baby capsule, the baby capsule you use should conform to the most recent versions of the Australian and New Zealand safety standards. It can be easier to feel confident that a new baby capsule conforms to current standards, and the improvements/revisions that come with later standards, as the information is readily available on purchase. However, many reputable baby capsule hire companies are also able to provide accurate information on how the baby capsule for hire meets safety guidelines.

Tip 3 – Consider costs of hiring vs purchasing

Baby capsule hire is often quite affordable, with flexible terms that can be tailored to your specific needs. However, when you consider the cost of buying another car seat when your baby grows out of their capsule and the future costs of an additional child, it may be more cost effective to buy a convertible car seat that converts from a rear facing capsule to a forward facing car seat that can grow with your child and may last for a number of years.
Be sure to ask your chosen hire service for Safe-n-Sound or Steelcraft capsules for greater peace of mind when choosing to hire a baby capsule.