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Britax Crash Exchange Program Explained

There are few greater fears for any other parent than being in a car accident with their children on board. It is a terrifying experience, and the last thing parents want to deal with afterwards is the logistics of replacement products.

This is why Britax offers the Crash Exchange Program, where eligible customers are entitled to a suitable replacement, free of charge.

But while the seats can be replaced, little lives cannot. This article will explore the stories of three Britax customers, who were involved in accidents and were able to hug their uninjured children afterwards, because of the safety of their child restraints.

Safe-n-Sound car seats provide protection in collision with bus

Michelle Sheridan has no doubt that her decision to purchase Britax Safe-n-Sound car seats for her children saved her son's life.

Her vehicle was involved in a crash with a bus while travelling at 60kph.

"The front passenger seat was crushed and my son was sitting behind that seat at the time," Michelle, who was 30 weeks pregnant at the time, said.

"The total extent of his injuries was a small bruise on his shin where the air bag cover flew off and hit him. Nothing else.

"With all of the drama that follows an incident like this, I have been so grateful to the team at Britax for being compassionate and supportive and wanting to help me through this emotional time."

Platinum seat's airbag technology a lifesaver

When purchasing their car seat for daughter Polly, Leonie and David Byard wanted the safest option possible. This is why they elected to purchase the Britax 0-4 Platinum model, which was a lifesaver when the family was involved in an accident.

"We were in a side-on crash when our daughter was 12 months old, with the car being beyond repair and all of us suffering whiplash," Leonie said.

"However the osteopath and doctor who have seen our daughter were very impressed with the impact absorbed through the seat and the minimal injury she sustained due to the airbag technology. I feel certain her injuries would have been worse in a seat that did not minimise her head movement the way the Platinum did."

Built for comfort and safety

Mother Carly purchased a Britax Meridian AHR, as the tilt and adjust functions ensured comfort and ease of use.

She also learned it was an extremely safe model when a family holiday turned sour.

"We were towing our caravan on the freeway when we began to swerve quite rapidly between lanes and ended up crashing into the hurricane fencing, and were then facing the wrong way in the fast lane," Carly said.

"While this was quite a serious crash my son didn't have a scratch on him and was even laughing at the end of it."

Replacing the seat after the crash

While Britax has an unrelenting commitment towards child seat and restraint safety, we understand that unnecessary expenses after a traumatic incident are not what any parent needs.

This is why the we have implemented the Crash Exchange Program. It is a voluntary program where seats involved in a crash can be taken off the market, and replaced free of charge.

All convertible restraints, forward-facing restraints, convertible booster seats and some infant restraints can be covered under this program.

This service came as a great relief for mother Dominique, who was involved in an accident with her one-year-old son in a rear-facing Millennia model.

While the car was severely damaged, her son was uninjured and they were able to have the seat replaced for free.

"Amongst all the hassle to get the car repaired, it was such a relief to be able to organise to have the seats swapped over by Britax and ensure that my children's safety isn't in any way compromised due to their car seat," Dominique said.

Parents can apply for the replacement by supplying:

  • Photos of the vehicle after the crash
  • Photos of the crashed child restraint
  • Name, address and contact details
  • A detailed description of the crash
  • A copy of the vehicle repairer's detailed assessment
  • An official police report and;
  • Photos of restraint details (serial number and manufacturing date).

This exchange service is available 24/7 online by clicking below:

Crash Exchange Program

For any further enquiries please contact the Britax Customer Service Team on 1300 303 330.

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