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What To Consider When Buying A Pram

When it’s time to start looking at all the stuff you need as first-time parents, one of the first things you’ll probably investigate is the pram. However, it’s not as simple as going into a baby store and picking out the first three or four-wheeler you see.

There are hundreds of prams to choose from and so many things to consider. The salespeople advise you to find a pram that will fit suit your lifestyle but how do you know what lifestyle you’ll have when you’ve never had a baby before?

Although you won’t know for sure what life will be like until the baby arrives, here are some things to consider before you hit the shops

Where will you be using your pram?

This is probably the first question you need to think about because there are some wildly different sizes and models that will impact your decision. For example, if you think you will be using your pram for longer journeys as well as quick trips, you might want to consider the Savvi™. The Savvi™ is perfect for running errands because it features a convertible seat, which transforms easily into a lay flat bassinet when bub falls asleep. This allows you to stay out for longer while bub snoozes away!

Will you be exercising with your pram?

If you want to exercise with your pram, you’ll probably want something with larger tyres and better suspension to ensure bub is comfortable as you pound the pavement. Take a look at the BOB Revolution PRO™, it’s the ideal jogging pram for everyday use and it even has a drum handbrake to provide extra stopping assistance.

Will you take your pram on holiday?

Are you going to spend a lot of time travelling with your baby, either around town or in the air? Then you’ll probably want a lightweight pram that will make it easy to get on and off public transport and will fit in tight spaces. The Holiday™is a fabulous, lightweight solution that is small enough to fit in a car boot or overhead locker. Plus, the shoulder strap means you can easily pick it up and carry it when you’re getting on and off the plane.

Do you want the option of converting your pram into a double?

Sure, you might be having just one baby now, but do you think there might be a number two in the near future? If so, you might want to look into a pram that converts into a double. Take the Flexx™ for example, it’s a lightweight, compact folding single stroller however you can extend it by using an axle to make it a tandem stroller with a second seat or bassinet, and the bassinet is certified for overnight sleeping! There are heaps of configurations with the two seats so it’s super comfy for both bub and toddler, plus still easy to manoeuvre and so smooth to drive!

What do you need to carry in your pram?

When you’re out and about with your bub, you need a lot of stuff. Nappies, wipes, bottles, food (for you and the baby), a spare change of clothes, toys, a playmat… the list goes on. Not only that, but the pram often doubles as a trolley in the supermarket when you need to pop in and grab some groceries. As you can imagine, the storage in your pram is pretty important. Prams generally have a basket underneath the seat however size and practicality vary so make sure it’s big enough for your needs and you can access it easily.

How do you want to store your pram?

There are a few things to consider when storing your pram. Will there be a space in your house to store it, how big is your car boot and what else will you need to fit in there? Some prams fold down so small that you can put them in the footwell of a car, others take up much of the boot. You also need to think about whether you want the pram to store in one piece or whether you don’t mind if it comes apart into two or three sections. When you’re in the baby store, practise opening and closing the pram and see if you can do it with just one hand (you might be holding bub with the other!).

Do you want to be able to use your pram with a capsule?

If you live your life on the go, then you’ll love the option of a travel system pram. This means you can simply unclip your car capsule (like our most advanced capsule, the Unity™ ISOFIX™) and clip it into the pram then away you go. There are lots of advantages to this – not only can you help your bub to sleep by minimising disruption, but you can also have them facing you in the early months, so you can maintain eye contact with them and help them feel secure. Many of our strollers, such as the Flexx™ also give you the option of a reversible top seat, allowing you the freedom to choose whether bub is mother facing or facing their environment!

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