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SecureGuard™ Explained

Wriggle-proof car safety for your growing child!

Car journeys can be a wonderful voyage of discovery for the inquisitive child. There is always something to look at. Interesting things are going on outside the window or something catches their attention inside the car. Now your child is older and consequently more mobile and independent. The back seat has become their space. It is a place where they play, read, doze, reach down or across.

At Britax, we not only test our products with crash dummies, we look at real children and their needs. We know that for a child who is sitting in a booster secured with a 3-point adult seat belt, wriggling, sleeping, play-fighting and turning can cause the lap belt to ride higher up across their tummy, even if positioned correctly across your child’s pelvic bone when you set off.

Britax Safe-n-Sound has been at the forefront of child safety development for 50 years and during this time we have introduced many breakthrough innovations to keep your child safer. Our latest innovation – SecureGuard™ - makes our booster seats even safer by adding a 4th attachment point to the adult seat belt. This helps to keep the lap belt in an ideal position over the pelvic bones and better distributes the impact energy involved in frontal collisions. At the same time this allows our little wrigglers freedom of movement during the journey.

When your child grows and transitions from a convertible car seat to a booster seat using the car’s 3-point adult seat belt, the SecureGuard™ provides extra protection. For babies and toddlers, we always recommend using a 5-point harness for as long as possible, as it firmly secures their shoulders and hips in the seat.

What is the correct position for a 3-point adult seat belt when used with a booster seat?

Your car’s 3-point adult seat belts are designed to restrain adults. A growing child can use the 3-point adult seat belt with a booster seat, as this correctly positions the 3-point adult seat belt over the child’s body. As a child loves to move around during a journey, the adult lap belt may not stay correctly positioned safely across their pelvic area. Instead, the lap belt may end up across their tummy.

What is the best choice for your family?

The SecureGuard™ makes a safe seat even safer and is available with four products from our most popular car seat ranges – the Kid Guard PRO™, Maxi Lite™, Hi-Liner SG™ and Tourer™.