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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Britax Safety Products

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Britax Safe-n-Sound

1 - The Most Stringent Design, Engineering & Testing Processes
Britax Safe-n-Sound Child Car Seat processes are the most stringent in Australia delivering the best quality product to keep your children safe-n-sound on the move.

Our laboratory, also known as Quality Evaluation and Standards Testing (QUEST) Centre, operates one of only four crash-test sleds in Australia and we are the only company in Australia that can test its own products. Our testing facilities help us to test, build and innovate so our products continue to save lives.

Our tests are filmed, recorded, and we assess how our child dummies head and body move, how the Child Car Seat shell flexes, how the harness, buckle and mountings perform.


Quick Fact – Britax Safe-n-Sound is the only Child Car Seat company in the Southern Hemisphere with a crash test facility.

2 - History
Britax Safe-n-Sound understands how to protect a child in a crash better than anyone else in Australia and we use this knowledge to design Australia’s safest Child Car Seats.

Every Britax Safe-n-Sound Child Car Seat combines the experience of over 50 years focusing on Child Seat Safety.

We have been building Child Car Seats longer than anyone in Australia. In fact, we were first to manufacture and gain certification by Standards Australia in the Australian market when the Australian Standard for Child Car Seats were created.

Since 1969, we have designed and built over 10 million Child Car Seats, providing safety for millions of Australian children.
Britax is one of the largest global Child Car Seat companies in the world. Britax is a global leader in Child Car Seat design. Britax work closely with vehicle manufacturers worldwide to encourage design improvements that enhance the performance of Child Car Seats.

We are driven to innovate, bringing the world's best designs to practice.  To Australian families this means being able to provide the safest possible Child Car Seats for your child.


Quick Fact – Britax was formed in 1987 following the take over and merger of Steelcraft and Safe-n-sound.

3 - Innovative Safety Leaders
Britax Safe-n-Sound innovations and technologies help save children’s lives and help to reduce serious injury.

Rather than refining existing Child Car Seat technologies, Britax Safe-n-Sound have listened, questioned and pushed the boundaries to create safer products.

Each day we are looking to create safer Child Car Seats, which are more comfortable for children and easier for carers to use.



4 - Comfort & Safety
Britax Safe-n-Sound care about your peace of mind and your child’s comfort and safety.

That’s why our range of fabrics cope with almost anything children can drop on them. Britax Safe-n-Sound trims are removable and most are machine washable (Refer to washing instruction on product) and if you find that your accident may be beyond repair we also sell replacement trims.
Simply enquire with our Customer Service team for clarification on model and compatible trims.

We also know that Britax Safe-n-Sound Child Seats are loved by Mums and Dads Australia wide for comfort and putting their child to sleep.

Why? Because Britax Safe-n-Sound trims offer superior comfort; they are plush and provide additional padding.

Depending on the model, you will find that fabrics have been selected based on feel and softness on your child's skin.


Side Impact Cushion Technology is designed to improve the chance of surviving a crash, the forces on an occupant need to be minimised. Modern vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to minimise occupant injury by introducing crumple zones and airbags which reduce the impact force exerted on the occupant. In a frontal crash the car has substantial amount of crumple zone distance but in a side impact crash there is minimal distance to absorb the crash energy.

1 - Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) - Head Protection
SICT maximises head protection by dramatically reducing side impact forces. As the cushion compresses it dispels air at a controlled rate, and this results in the cushion absorbing the crash energy. Head acceleration experienced by your child are lower and dispersed over a longer period of time.

2 - Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) - Torso Protection
Torso SICT minimises the energy felt on your child’s chest and vital organs, reducing crash forces to a safer level. Torso forces are lower and dispensed over a longer period of time.

Active Head Restraint (AHR) - features deeper side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. AHR grows with your child working to contain your child’s head and to minimise impact forces.
SecureGuard Clip.

The current Australian Standards testing use rigid dummies which don't slump, slouch or cry. Real life isn't exactly like this; many children wriggle or slump causing the seat belt to sit on their abdomen rather than across their hips and thighs. If the seat belt sits on abdomen in a crash your child is at risk of serious internal injuries or death. This is often called submarining.

The SecureGuard™ Clip positions the lap-belt of your vehicle correctly over the hips and thighs, and prevents your child from sliding forward during trips or submarining in a crash. No other so-called "Anti-Submarining designs" can ensure the lap-belt is correctly positioned at all times.

Child Car Seats 10 years or older should not be used. We recommend replacement at 10 years, due to deterioration of the plastics used in construction of modern Child Car Seats. A Child Car Seat may become brittle over time, and simply will not provide the same level of protection against impact.

Before you use a second hand or hand-me-down Child Car Seats, ask:

- Has it been in an accident?
- Has it been stored correctly while not in use?
- Child Car Seats cannot be checked visually and therefore it is important to know their history.

Hence, we do not recommend the use of second hand Child Car Seats as the full history of the Child Car Seat may not be known.

Second hand Child Car Seats may not contain all the safety features of the latest Australian Standard.