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Part Of The Family

We are there for you!

May 10, 2016


Note to child:

Before you were here we waited... We prepared, while we wondered what you’d look like. We couldn’t wait to hold you!

Since the first ride home from the hospital - it’s been messy, it’s been fun and, it’s been magical!

Your mum and dad will show you all the beautiful things in life and it is our job to make sure you get there safely.


Note to parents:

We here at Britax have your child’s safety needs covered whether it is on the road or off the road – we take the hassle out of parenting so that you can enjoy life to the FULLEST!

Our heritage is deeply rooted in both safety innovation and the automotive industry. Being world #1 in child restraint safety, one thing is very clear: Safety is in our DNA. #SafetyLeaders #EverydayFamilyFreedom #whywouldyoutrustanyoneelse

Love from Britax