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Premiering our new MAXI Family…

May 26, 2016

Britax Safe-n-Sound has lead the world in Child Restraint Safety for almost 50 years providing award-winning car seat safety for all Australian families and now they are introducing a new family of car seats which includes not one, not two but three car seats!

The Maxi Family includes - the Maxi Guard PRO™Maxi Guard™ and Maxi Lite™.

As the world’s leaders in Child Restraint Safety, Britax are aware of the sad reality that many children move into booster or adult seats with no booster before they are ready. Perhaps their younger siblings need their seat or maybe their friends are in boosters and they want to be too!

Dirk Voller, Product Director of Britax Australia said, “At Britax we believe that 4 years of age can sometimes be too early to use an adult seat belt safely. For instance, the sash belt could be under the arm or behind the back or the lap belt positioned on the abdomen, all of which are dangerous to a child’s small body in the event of a crash.”

The use of a 6-point harness, as used on - the Maxi Guard PRO™ and Maxi Guard™ is an ideal harnessing system! This harnessing system has been extended to suit older and larger children (up to approximately 8 years of age or when the child’s shoulders reach the upper height marker) and has been extensively tested for strength. This allows for the child’s torso to be restrained securely at the shoulders, at the hips, waist and also between the child’s legs.

This is why; the Maxi Guard PRO™ is Britax’s most advanced harnessed car seat to date! That’s right; it’s not just any old car seat! The Maxi Guard PRO™ grows with your child, keeping your most precious cargo, securely restrained and safer for longer. It’s also super deluxe, all thanks to the Thermo5™ High Performance Fabric it’s made with!

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard™ - the second addition to the Maxi Family is a forward facing harnessed seat and features an Active Head Restraint™ (AHR™) headrest. In addition, the 6 point Hassle Free Harness™ keeps your growing child securely restrained for longer.

Not to forget the third addition to join the Maxi Family - the Maxi Lite™ provides ‘Stress–Free Convertibility’ with its simple to use adjustable Active Head Restraint (AHR™) headrest. This is specifically designed with deep side wings lined with EPS to shield and protect your child’s head in the event of a side impact crash.

All family members feature generous internal seating area and deluxe padding to provide excellent travel comfort for your child.

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