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Another Guardian Coming Your Way!

December 06, 2016

Premiering our new Kid Guard PRO™…

Britax Safe-n-Sound has lead the world in child restraint safety for 50 years providing award-winning car seats to all Australian families and now they are introducing a new car seat – this one is not for babies!

Kid Guard PRO™ is the only booster of its kind in Australia providing safety all the way up to the double figures = 10 years!

This cleverly designed seat grows with your growing child providing parents with everyday family freedom!

The expandable booster seat with 9 height adjustments provides continued safety from first use (4 years) until your child is 135cm in total height - 10 years (approximately).

It is equipped with Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) to maximise your child’s head protection in the event of a side impact collusion and has dual expandability features –

  1. Expandable Side Wings: deliver lateral support ensuring your child’s body is sitting upright, providing a safer seat belt.
  2. Expandable Seat: provides a larger, more comfortable, seating area as your child grows.

With a unique slim design, the Kid Guard PRO™ easily accommodates three seats across the back.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Kid Guard PRO™ features the innovative patented anti-submarining technology – SecureGuard™ which offers 4 points of safety.

This life saving device prevents your child from sliding under the lap-belt during impact and ensures the adult lap belt is always in an ideal position from shoulder to pelvic bones.

The SecureGuard™ adds the – 4th – point of contact to the standard 3- point adult seat belt.

This 4th attachment point is used to position the vehicle lap belt correctly over the hips and thighs to protect your child’s abdominal area as well as reduce abdominal forces in the event of a frontal collision by up to 35%.

It’s also super deluxe; all thanks to Britax’s Thermo5™ high performance fabric it’s made with! This Bamboo Charcoal fabric means your child will travel in quality and comfort.

As the world’s leaders in Child Restraint Safety, Britax are aware of the sad reality that many children move into adult seats with no booster before they are ready.  Perhaps their younger siblings need their seat or maybe their friends are using the vehicle seat belt and they want to be too!

Dirk Voller, Product Director of Britax Australia said, “Children fall asleep and slump. At Britax we believe that 7 years of age is too young to be seated in a car with just a vehicle seat belt. As a child loves to move around during a journey, the adult lap belt may not stay correctly positioned safely across their pelvic area. Instead, the lap belt may end up across their tummy.”

“The SecureGuard™ makes a safe seat even safer and at the same time this allows our little wrigglers freedom of movement during the journey,” Dirk said.

This innovative safety device is also available on a variety of our car seats – Kid Guard PRO™, Hi-Liner™, Maxi Lite™ and Tourer™.

With the expandable side wings, extendable seat base and 9-point adjustable headrest, the Kid Guard PRO™ easily transforms to grow with your child.

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About BRITAX Child Safety Inc. 

Britax understand how to best protect your child and are continuously testing, researching and pushing the boundaries of safety standards in Australia. When it comes to car safety, Britax are the pros! To top it off, Britax are the only car seat manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere that have their own crash test facility, so you know they’re committed to being there for your family from the very first car ride home.