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Stroller Features and Benefits Explained

Stroller Features and Benefits Explained

Steelcraft strollers are designed with features to provide the ultimate in convenience for you, and the ultimate in safety and comfort for your child.

5 Point Harness

Comfortably restrains the child for safety. Steelcraft have adopted the 2010 Australian Standard Harness which means the shoulder straps come free of the buckle and side straps.  The design prevents a child from strangulation should they slide out of the harness.


One link brake
Ensures that the brake is activated on both wheels at the same time – it is simple to use

Lockable Swivel Wheels
Easy steering for flat surfaces and then lockable for tougher terrains.

Front and rear wheel suspension
Ensures that the brake is activated on both wheels at the same time – it is simple to use

Large, adjustable canopy with a visor to block sun, wind, and harmful UV rays from your child’s sensitive skin.
Allows you to view the child through the window of the canopy rather than turning or walking around to the front of the stroller.

Fit & Comfort

Steelcraft strollers include features that make them comfortable for you to use, while also providing a comfortable ride for your child.

Aluminum Frame - Lightweight frame.  Easier to lift and transport.
Steel Frame or Steel Reinforcement - Some strollers use steel to reinforce joints and hard wearing areas.  Steel provides durability and strength. Powder Coated - Resists scratches and chipping

Padded Seat Insert
The seating area of strollers can be large for a newborn.  A padded insert provides maximum comfort and support for a smaller child.  The insert will help to ensure that a baby remains positioned in the center of the stroller.  At this stage they do not have head support, some inserts also prevent their head from moving side to side.

Adjustable Footrest & Backrest
Adjustable Footrest/Leg Rest - An adjustable footrest or leg rest supports a child’s legs and feet for comfort.  This is particular good for a child who has fallen asleep.  It will prop up their legs into a lay flat position
Adjustable Backrest - An adjustable back rest enables a seat to be upright for viewing and then adjusted to a reclined position for a newborn or for a sleeping toddler.

A ‘Layback’ stroller is one that is considered suitable for a newborn.
To be suitable the stroller will need a reclined angle of more than 135 degrees.

Adjustable Handles
There are two types of handles Single and Linked. A linked handle is easier to push with one hand, while single handles allow for a smaller umbrella fold.  Height adjustable handles are ideal for different height of users.


Boot cover - Provides warmth and comfort.
Storm cover - Provide protection from wind and rain.  Storm Covers are designed for protection when you are caught out but it is not advisable to walk in the rain with a baby or child – head inside!
Mesh cover – Provides insect protection and shade.  

Ease of Use

Steelcraft strollers have been designed with thoughtful details to make life on the go easier for you and your child
Fold lock - Ensures that the frame of the stroller remains locked, and folded when you transport.  A stroller with a fold lock is easier to manage.

Flat fold - Compact and easy to store.

Stands upright when folded - Less bending required when picking up, allows hands to stand free.

Reversible Seat - It is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. Removable seat units can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward facing when your child is older.

Reversible Handle - Reverse Handle Stroller/Pram helps interaction to create a special bond with your Baby.