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Quick Guide to Stroller Features

Steelcraft Strollers are packed with features. Here is a quick guide of our features and the associated benefits:

Main Features  Key Benefit 
5 point safety harness Comfortably restrains the child for safety

One link brake

Ensures that the brake is activated on both wheels at the same time – it is simple to use


Tether Strap

When looped over your wrist it will prevent your stroller from rolling away

Dual locks i.e. secondary and primary

Steelcraft strollers always feature 2 folding locks

If one lock is accidently disengaged the second lock will prevent the stroller from collapsing


Padded insert

Provides maximum comfort and support for a younger child


Adjustable footrest

Supports the child’s legs and feet for comfort


Adjustable backrest

Upright for viewing and layback for sleeping


Head support

Provides added support and cushioning of head until newborn has strength in their neck

Boot cover

Provides warmth and protection from wind


Front and rear wheel suspension

Provides smooth and comfortable ride



Provides sun protection and light shower/rain protection 


Removable seat insert

Makes cleaning easier, added comfort 


Carry basket

Storage for parcels and groceries


Removable front bumper or arm bar

Allows easy accessibility for getting child in and out

Flat fold

Simple to operate, easy storage 


Reversible handle

Mother facing baby for early months or baby has ability to see out


Front lockable swivel wheels

Easy steering for flat surfaces, lockable for tougher terrains


Adjustable handle

Adjusts to a comfortable height


Window canopy

Peek a boo window allows you to view your child


Mesh window

Provides air circulation in warmer climates


Reversible seat

Allows you to watch and face your baby and then allows the baby to face out and explore his surroundings
Footmuff Provides warmth and comfort, unlike a boot cover it wraps entirely around the child’s body like a sleeping bag