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Steelcraft Strollers and Prams

Steelcraft Strollers and Prams
The choice of pram or stroller will vary depending on a whole range of factors. These include the age of the child, the climate you live in, what time of the year your baby is born, the need for portability and general lifestyle. To simplify the decision you may like to consider:

Where do I live?
Consider the type of home and area you live in. If you live in the city in an apartment/highrise or have narrow hallways lightweight and compact is essential. If you live in a hilly rural environment or have bumpy streets to contend with a smooth easy-to-push ride is a must.

How do I travel?
Consider the car you have and whether you will use public transport frequently. If you mostly travel by car, a stroller that fits into a boot is essential. If you travel on trains/busses/trams collapsibility is a must. If you like walking to the shops and plan to stroll then a stroller with great support for your baby and one that is easy to push is essential.

Am I out and about?
Consider the activities you do. If you shop on a regular basis then extra storage will be useful. If you are outdoors in all seasons you’ll need protection for your baby i.e. storm cover, boot cover, sun cover etc

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