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The SLIDEGUARD Clip is a life saving device that prevents your child from sliding under the lap-belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimising the risk of abdominal injury.
 Britax SafenSound Unsafe

Why does my child needs a SLIDEGUARD™ Clip?

When a child’s pelvis slides under the lap-belt in a car crash this is known as submarining. The current Australian Standards testing use rigid dummies which don’t slump, slouch or cry.

Real life isn’t exactly like this; many children wriggle or slump causing the seat belt to sit on their abdomen rather than across their hips and thighs. If the seat belt sits on the abdomen in a crash your child is at risk of serious internal injuries or death.
Britax Safensound Safe SLIDEGUARD 

Why is the SLIDEGUARD™ Clip, the solution?

The SLIDEGUARD™ Clip positions the lap-belt of the vehicle correctly over the hips and thighs and prevents a child from sliding forward during trips or submarining in a crash. Other so called Anti-Submarining designs do not ensure the lap-belt is correctly positioned at all times.

The SLIDEGUARD Clip is exclusive to Safe-n-Sound products. It can be found on the following products:







Maxi Rider AHR
Easy Adjust


Maxi AHR


Encore 10


Hi-Liner SG