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Guide to using a Child Harness

Why use a Child Harness?

Children typically don't sit correctly and tend to slump and wriggle. They also fall out of the seat belt or place the belt under their arm or behind their back. In these dangerous situations the child has no upper torso support, leaving them at risk of injury or death in a crash.

A Child Harness, used in conjunction with the lap seat belt, maximises upper torso support. It can also prevent a child from falling out of the sash belt whilst they are sleeping, slumping or wriggling.

Without torso support your child is at risk of being flung forward in a crash which can cause serious head, abdominal and spinal injuries.

If you like to learn more about child harnesses follow the links on the right of the screen to our videos, FAQ's or download our Child Harness Brochure.

Would you like more information about Child Harnessses?

Click here to download a pdf version of our Child Harness Brochure