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Reason 1

Safe-n-Sound Child Seat manufacturing processes are the most stringent in Australia delivering the best quality product.

Our laboratory, also known as Quality Evaluation and Standards Testing (QUEST) Centre, operates one of only four crash-test sleds in Australia and we are the only company in Australia that can test its own products. Our testing facilities help us to test, build and innovate so our products continue to save lives.

What’s more we crash-test Child Seats on site every production day. Our engineers crash-test our seats daily. It works out that 1 in every 1000 seats are selected.

Our tests are filmed, recorded, and we assess how our child dummies head and body move, how the Child Seat shell flexes, how the harness, buckle and mountings perform. 


Safe-n-Sound is the only Child Seat manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere with a crash test facility.

For Example: 

Our QUEST centre is capable of conducting tests to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754, and AS/NZS 3629.

We can test to the European, USA, Canadian, South Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Malaysian Standards. Our Child Seats are now being exported throughout Asia.