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Steelcraft & Safe-n-Sound Travel Systems

Travel Systems
Travel Systems are a safe, simple and convenient way of travelling, whether you’re driving or walking. A Travel System offers you the flexibility to move your child in an Infant Carrier from secured Car Seat Base to Stroller and back again.

Why look for a Travel System Stroller and Infant Carrier?

The first few months out and about with your child can be an ordeal. A Travel System allows you to move your child from Car to Stroller without waking; an invaluable benefit.

What are the benefits of facing my baby?

Researchers from Dundee University in Scotland found that time spent in a forward facing Stroller can be 'emotionally isolating for a baby'. In a Travel System your child will be facing you in your first precious months together. Facing each other and being closer allows you to keep contact, interact with your child and develop a stronger bond.

What do I need to look for in a Travel System Stroller?

Look for a stroller that has inbuilt arm bar and/or an infant carrier locking mechanism. It is best to choose a Stroller which has been designed for an Infant Carrier not a Stroller that you fix adaptors to. All Steelcraft Travel System Strollers have been designed specifically to accommodate an Infant Carrier.

  • Steelcraft Travel System Strollers/Prams

  • Age: Birth to 4 years(approx.)
  • Safe-n-Sound & Steelcraft Infant Carriers (Travel System)

  • Age: Birth to 6 or 12 months (approx.)
  • Safe-n-Sound/Steelcraft Travel System Accessories