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Booster Seats

For use with either a lap-sash seatbelt or an add-on accessory child harness by children whose shoulders are above the lower shoulder height marker (approx. 4 years of age) until child’s shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker (approx. 8 years of age).
  • Booster Seats
  • Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10
    Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10

    Safety for your child beyond 7 years
    MSRP (USD) $0
  • Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG
    Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG

    Tallest E Type Booster Seat
    MSRP (USD) $0
  • Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer
    Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer

    Easy Lightweight Booster
    MSRP (USD) $0
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