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About us

Britax Childcare Pty Ltd is home to leading Australian nursery brands Safe-n-Sound and Steelcraft. 

Britax Childcare Pty Ltd was formed in 1987 following the take-over and merger of Steelcraft T.I. Industries Pty Ltd and Safe-n-Sound Pty Ltd.


Under various owners the operating names, the ‘Steelcraft’ component of the business has been a pram and stroller manufacturer in Australia since the 1940’s and the Steelcraft brand name has existed for over 60 years. Steelcraft travel systems, strollers, portable cots, highchairs, and other accessories are highly sought after products making Steelcraft market leader.

Steelcraft was established by family man Colin Johnson in St Kilda Victoria. When his wife fell pregnant in 1947, Colin fashioned her stroller in his backyard garage. When neighbours and friends witnessed his handy work Colin was inundated with requests for customised strollers.

By the end of the year he was selling strollers through the local markets. It wasn't long before he had his own factory manufacturing not only strollers but high chairs, cots, change tables and bassinettes.

From these humble beginnings the Steelcraft brand has gone from strength to strength, known by families all over Australia and New Zealand for security, safety and peace of mind.


Safe-n-Sound is one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturers of child restraints and has a long Australian history. Safe-n-Sound Pty Ltd was founded in Australia in 1969 and commenced manufacture over 40 years ago. As such Safe-n-Sound was the first Australian child restraint manufacturer.

Seat belt wearing was made compulsory by law in 1970 and Safe-n-Sound was the first to manufacture and gain standards approval in the Australian market.

To this day Safe-n-Sound restraints are manufactured and crash-test in Melbourne. Click here to view 4 reasons why Safe-n-Sound is the best option for your child.